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Free patterns

We have designed various patterns over the years. Feel free to download these patterns and distribute them amongst family and friends. 


Christmas star
You can never have too many Christmas stars...

Free pattern for a Christmas star in two colours 


Hanging basket
These hanging baskets are easy to make and are perfect to organise keys, jewellery and many other items. 

Free pattern for a hanging basket


 'Sea urchin' vase cozy 
Pimp a new vase or some glass jars or bottles using this easy RibbonXL crochet pattern.

Free pattern 'Sea urchin' vase cover 


Nesting baskets / bowl

Make your own RibbonXL basket with this easy pattern. Mix and match sizes and colours to make your own set of nesting baskets.

Free pattern for a RibbonXL basket


Tea light cosies

Transfer simple glass jar tea lights into a personal present. These tea lights are a perfect gift when given as a pair.  

Free pattern for Tea light cosies 


Knitted Infinity (endless) scarf 

Make your own fashionable infinity/endless scarf in RibbonXL yarn. It only takes an hour or two to make the scarf that looks fabulous in any colour. 

Free pattern knitted endless scarf


Macrame plant hanger

All you need to make your own planthanger is half a roll of RibbonXL yarn and a plant pot or vase. 

Free pattern macrame plant hanger


Floor pebble

These floor pebbles are without anty doubt our most popular design. They were even featured in Better Homes and Gardens a couple of years ago. 

Free pattern medium floor pebble



These placemats look beautiful an any table inside and outside. Make them all in the same colour or mix and match several RibbonXL colours.

Free pattern placemats


Ventimiglia handbag

This cute handbag was one of the first Hoooked designs. So cute and perfect for a crochet novice. 

Free pattern Ventimiglia handbag


Shoulder bag

This easy to make bag is very versatile. One colour, several colours, one handle, two handles... everything is possible! 

Free pattern shoulder bag



Knitted doctor's handbag

This handbag is a classic and easy to make for a novice knitter.

Free pattern knitted handbag


Milano handbag

The Milano is our signature handbag. Always stylish! 

Free pattern Milano handbag